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It all started when I was quite little - 7-8 years old.
My grandmother, Malka, taught me how to crochet and to knit and a

new world has been discovered, but it became a very nice hobby and not

more than that. 
During the years I studied and worked in HR & Admin roles andraised

my 3 kids.
When I was celebrating my 39 birthday I was invited to a crochet rugworkshop.
I did not want to go since it sounded like something antique, old and boring…But eventually I found myself in a crochet basket workshop and fell in love.
I went home and tried it again and again since I learned the spiral methodand could not stand theheight differences of the basket, and from that day I couldn’t put aside myhooks.
In 2013 I opened my first crochet studio in Kefar Saba, Israel, and it was obvious that it will be called aftermy beloved grandmother - Malka. Since her nickname was Malkishua I chose the name "Malkishuart" for my studio.
During 2019 the studio has been moved to Hod Hasharon.
I conduct crochet workshops and write crochet patterns that you can find at my

Etsy & Ravelry shops.
You are welcome to visit me and follow my activity in all the social media channels.


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